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PC: Promised Farm Photography

Photographers' Access

These time slots are geared towards professional photographers. Photography services or cameras are not included. If you have a professional camera and come with paying clients or models you need to pay this fee. 


By purchasing a spot, you the photographer, will have access to the farm to snap amazing pictures.  Photographers' access will grant you a spot at the farm for the day you purchased it.


There are two options for photographers to use the farm grounds:

Reservations: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday, and Sundays, we limit the amount of photographers that can be on site (only 15 spots per night). This option is great if you want a more intimate feel for you and your clients. No music or events will happen during these spots. Photographers' clients and models will entry fee at the door ($10 per person over 10 years old). 

Photographers, you can pay ahead for your clients the day of the session.  You need to provide a list of names and make the payment at the check in area. Once your subjects arrives, they can just check in by name (Example: Smith family, party of 2, Johnson family party of 4, etc.).


Fridays and Saturdays walk ins: No reservations needed.  You will pay your photographers fee at the door ($50 morning access 10am -3pm; or $50 evening access 4pm-dusk; or $100 for all day access),  your clients/subjects will pay their visitors fee at the door ($10 per person over 10 years old). 

Music, vendors, and events might be happening during these days. These are also very popular u-pick days as well, therefore it might be busy. Check social media for events.

Manage Your Sessions Here!

Photographers, reservations are 100% self serve!

You no longer need to email us, you manage your bookings yourself!

You can now see your orders, your scheduled spots, and even reschedule your spots (look under "My Bookings").

Booking Procedures

  • You can schedule your spot directly on the calendar at the bottom of this page.  We announce when we open the calendars for bookings via newsletters and social media.

  • Rain dates can be rescheduled at no additional cost if rescheduled at least two hours before start of photoshoot. 

  • It is the responsibility of the photographer to be aware of the weather and reschedule with Blue Hill and their client prior to their photoshoot start time. If you want to follow the forecast closely use zip code 28112.

  • You can reschedule yourself by using the login functionality in the "Manage Your Session Here!" section (under "My bookings").  Make sure you rescheduled at least two hours before the start time, otherwise you won't be able to reschedule and it will be consider a "no-show".

  • "No shows" are not entitled to refunds or reschedule.

  • We will never cancel an appointment last minute. Actually, we will never cancel an appointment ourselves.  Managing their reschedule is responsibility of the photographer.

  • Photographers: you are in charge of scheduling your sessions and accommodating to your clients (not us).  Please only reach out to us in regards of your reserved spot at the farm.

  • Reschedules need to happen during the same calendar year.  Reschedules cannot be carry over the next calendar year. To reschedule a Spring spots in the Fall, please send us an email.

  • No cancellation and no refunds are allowed.


What is the fee?

For the season of Fall 2024, photographers will pay $50 for a spot. This covers the photographers entry fee. Photographers' clients and models will entry fee at the door ($10 per person over 10 years old). 

Photographers' fee is per photographer (second shooters, assistants with a camera must pay their fee.) 

Photographers can come at any time during your appointment date. 

Please make sure you read the farm rules , policies, and booking procedures before you book.

Flower picking is not included or allowed at this rate, flower bunches can be purchase at the door if needed as props for pictures

U-pick jars can be purchase at the door as well.

Open Hours


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday:

5:00 pm - dusk (fall) 5:30 pm - dusk (spring)

You can book a spot in the calendar section below.


Walk ins:

Friday and Saturdays:

10am- dusk


1625 Mullis Rd

Monroe, NC 28112

Look in the "Contact Us" page for parking instructions and farm map

Farm Rules

  • We expect all visitors to be respectful of our farm and fields.

  • Visitors must not climb on any structure, equipment, or hay bales.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

  • No smoking or vaping.

  • We work really hard to make our property look beautiful so that you can enjoy it. Please ensure all waste is disposed of in the bins provided.

  • Do not block access to pathways, roads, or driveways. Please use designated parking areas.

  • Anyone not abiding by any portion of these rules will be asked to leave the field and farm immediately.

  • Our rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

Farm Policies

  • Photographers can come at any time during their purchased day/time and host multiple clients if desired. When shooting multiple parties, photographers must ask their clients to respectfully wait for their turn.  Only one party/subject in the flower field at the time.

  • Photographers will be held accountable for their actions and those of their clients, crew members and subjects if they damage Blue Hill Garden facilities and property.

  • Please ensure your clients know how and where to meet you. There is a farm map in the “Contact Us” page that will help you locate the parking area.

  • Clients/models must arrive camera-ready as there are no dressing room/bathroom facilities. Photographers are allowed to bring changing tents. Please keep the tents away from the flower fields.

  • Animals: Please let us know before booking if animals are part of a photoshoot. Pet fees apply.

  • No glitter, confetti, rose petals (real or fake), or other items to be “tossed in the air” may be brought to our Farm.

  • Props must be carried to your photoshoot location and removed upon departure.

  • All photos should be family friendly. You will be sharing the fields with other photographers and families, please keep it PG13.

  • Blue Hill Garden reserves the right to halt any photography session deemed to be disruptive without refund.

  • Liability: Blue Hill Garden LLC assumes no responsibility for personal injury or loss, theft, or damage to equipment or other property.

Booking Calendar is Closed

We will open Fall calendar around Mid July

(Spring typically runs late April to first week of June and Summer/Fall from August to October).

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